Skierniewicer (Realizacja teatralna)

SKIERNIEWICE (pronounced: S-kyar-nya–vee-tze) is a small town in central Poland. Before WW2 it had slightly over 18,000 inhabitants of which approximately 6900 people were of Jewish nationality. They were part of a local folklore and they took part in very aspect of the town’s everyday life. They called themselves SKIERNIEWICERS (pron.: S-KYAR-NYA-VEE-TZERS) after the name of our town – their shtetl*. I was born in Skierniewice almost 15 years after the WW2 ended. But in my childhood, among our family’s wartime stories, I heard many stories relating to and about the Skierniewice Jews: funny and sad, moving and thrilling, good and bad. Stories of love and stories of hatred. Those of bravery and those of cowardice. Stories of those with big hearts and of those with small hearts or no hearts at all. All those stories formed in my childish head a picture, a fairytale, with fantastic figures of “Skierniewicers”, our Jewish brothers and sisters from the same town.
Only they were there no more. All but 43 (!) of the Skierniewice Jews disappeared in the WW2. I owe them this play. And I owe it us: to the Skierniewice Poles – those who helped and also perished in those dark times, and those who survived and remember. And to us born after the WW2, who cannot remember and who didn’t know. It is about them and us – about us and them. Though it is set in the Skierniewice Ghetto in the winter of 1941 at the height of Nazi terror, this play is about love. Though it has a tragic dimension – its aim is to give hope and to unite – never to distance – and ultimately: to bring Skierniewicers back to our common memory.

– Lech Mackiewicz

Produkcja: AB Film Production
Reżyseria i scenariusz: Lech Mackiewicz
Realizacja TV: Mariusz Palej
Zdjęcia: Mariusz Palej
Montaż: Kuba Motylewski, Piotr Jurewicz
Kamery: Karol Czyż, Paweł Twardo

Czas trwania: 1h 30min

  • Feinweinblein (Teatr TV)
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